Issue No. 30, Summer 2020

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Artwork by Gene McCormick


Introduction to Issue 30

Patrick Allen

Tohm Bakelas

Alan Britt

Chris Butler

J.J. Campbell

R.T. Castleberry

Alan Catlin

Judith Cody

Joan Colby

Sara Comito

Mickey Corrigan

Holly Day

Scott Ferry

D.R. James

Lukpata Lomba Joseph

Linda Lowe

Suchoon Mo

Kyle Laws

The Poet Normal

Kimberly Ann Priest

John D. Robinson


The Poet Spiel

D.E. Steward

Tim Suermondt

Marc Swan

Yong Takahashi

Jon Wesick

Dan Wilcox

A.D. Winans

Short Poems:

Sean Casey

Gabriel Conroy

Juliet Cook

Jakima Davis

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

Gerard Sarnat

R. Soos

T.K. Splake


Books Received and Acknowledged

Review of Robert Cooperman Books by Charles Rammelkamp