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Issue No. 37, Winter 2024


Introduction to Issue 37

Virginia Aronson

James Babbs

Tohm Bakelas

Michael Basinski

Laurie Blauner

Rose Mary Boehm

Corbin Buff

Cassie Burkhardt


Sarah Carleton

Alan Catlin

David Chorlton

Victor Clevenger

Juliet Cook & Daniel G. Snethen

Robert Cooperman

Jakima Davis

Frank De Canio

John Dorsey

Livio Farallo

Scott Ferry

Diane Funston

Tony Gloeggler

William Heath

Steve Henn

Scott C. Holstad

Danielle Hope

D.R. James

James Kangas




Kyle Laws

Linda Lowe

Kim Malinowski

Daniel McGinn

Suchoon Mo

Ben Newell

Dan Provost

Carrie Magness Radna

Kevin Ridgeway

Jason Ryberg

Claire Scott

Donald Sellitti

Dan Sicoli

The Poet Spiel

D.E. Steward

Marc Swan

A.D. Winans

Francine Witte

Mark Young


Books Received and Acknowledged

Review of Bearing the Body of Hector Home

Review of Safe Colors: a novel in short fictions

Review of One of Them Was Mine

Review of Already Long Ago