Judith Cody

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How to Examine Your Breasts

Stand in front of the mirror―see them without thinking that you may need the both of them at certain critical times―look for differences in shape, size, color or look for some other horror leading to amputation, scarring, pain, unbearable rejections from unbearable people—look for symmetry, roundness, evenness and niceness leading to terror of losing it all at once if a sad little lump is felt in amidst all that softness, child-nurturing, love-attracting woman’s regalia.


Where Is It in This New Century?

Fake people are screaming “Fake news”— or is it all a delusion or is it mass hysteria or is it a nightmare or is it politics in a toxic sandwich? What has no meaning anymore? Or is meaning a lump of sour mayonnaise on the sandwich in question? Or is meaning the long-forgotten meaning in our minds? Or is meaning so big it outdistances great forms of thought and justice and moral implications? Or is ‘meaning’ the ever-asked question that can be spoken by those who chase it beyond barricades of doctrine invented as a substitute for Truth?


Judith Cody, poet, composer and photographer has won many national awards and is published in over 150 journals. A poem is in the Smithsonian’s Institute’s permanent collection, in Spanish and English. Her latest 2020 poetry book is Garden On An Alien Star System. A poem won second place in the national Soul-Making Keats Literary Competition. Other poems were quarter finalists for the Pablo Neruda Prize. Cody wrote the internationally noted biography of the American composer, Vivian Fine: A Bio-Bibliography, also Eight Frames Eight poems, and Woman Magic. She edited a PEN Oakland anthology, was Editor-in-Chief of the first Resource Guide on Women in Music.  One of her poems was chosen from a world selection by the Norton Center for the Arts for a featured gallery exhibit. Cody’s intimate photography of a rare surviving B-17 aircraft from WWII ranks #1 in the world on Google. www.judithcody.com