Yakima Davis

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Gangster Blues

The gangster can’t surf
The gangster can’t fail at all
Here comes the shooter


I’m living strange today
Living with money in my pockets
Shoot the bullet now


Crack Music

Listen to crack music
Drink whiskey in the sunrise
Can of kerosene



Broken whiskey glass
Splits my fingers wide open
Hands in oily water


Hood Generation

The good ghetto poet
Makes the race in outer space
Speed on my guitar

(published previously in Barbaric Yawp)


 Radio Free America

Flowers by the clutch
Tenth avenue breakdown
Smell the factories

(First published in Barbaric Yawp)


American Dreams

Pluck gems from slaves
Voices are out there calling me


Sunday Service

I’ve a life to fix
I’ve picked apart brick by brick
Cockroaches float in milk


Sunflower Stomp

See the boxing gloves
Heavy with cream and sugar
Black coffee bittersweet


Jakima Davis has been writing poetry for almost 20 years.  She published her first poem at 17 and has been published in Big Hammer, Barbaric Yawp, and Marymark Press among others.  She co-authored a chapbook published by Marymark Press.  As of now, she’s posting her poems on Facebook