The Poet Normal

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On the Cusp of Annihilation

“under the black yawn of eternity - - - in that dark, where darkness sinks into itself - - - the hour when the trumpet blast would break the infinite with such a bitter cry - - ---stars whirled by & whispered - - - and the night took up their words into the dark"
Victor Hugo, The Trumpet of Judgment

On the Cusp of Annihilation
No resistance
No resistance    the slaughtered teepee dwellers of Wounded Knee
No resistance    rainforest    Great Barrier Reef
No resistance    Bataan Death March    coyote aerial hunt
No resistance'    Sudanese famines    Japanese dolphin harvest the germ of air
No resistance    ozone layer    thermal pollution    radioactive water
Fallen redwood trembling aspen    firebombed monkey puzzle    .infected human
No resistance    osmosis of negative energy across the unseen border
Lightnings flash    electric gossamer spectres lace the Great Pyramid
In the year The Great Disease came
In the year the last eastern pine died
In the year the angels were butchered
In the year the Great Disease came, men ran mad in their clustered rooms
No resistance estuaries steaming with lava    tidal waves breaking
Wildfire light cracking on the peaks of the High Sierras
No resistance    Yanomami of Brazil    refugees of Syria
The final pigeon strikes the ground    the terminating drums pounded
No resistance    200 years of Crusades    3400 years of unbroken war
108 wardead    in the 20th Century
War    omnipresent    on    earth    always
Londonbomb    Chongqingbomb    Dresdenbomb    Nagasakibomb Falcon shadows fill the skies
Burning Alexandra    Drowning Atlantis    Fiery Atlanta
The ordinary gazelle chased into the mouth of the hungry clock by The ordinary hungry hyena    harpooned whale in the Sea of China
Tibetan Genocide    Rohingya Genocide    Jamestown Suicide
The worm in the grass that thirsts for a lion's station    always
The ticking timepiece yearning for a sign of reincarnation    always
40 wars    omnipresent    on earth    today    always
In the year The Great Disease Came
Shoals of multicolored angelfish herds of seahorses shivers of sharks Prophetic footsteps walk on water
Viral cyclones whip the waves
Lone pelican skims the surging tide    A
Sorrow-eyed dolphin returning to the shore the body of a drowned sailor
Daybreak in Cape Town    Omaha Beach    Executioner Row
Sunlight splashes the sweetsinging sparrow    the yodeling loon
The    COO    COO    COOING    of the mourning dove
"Te Deum    Te Deum    Te Deum"
Then,    it is gone.


Normal is definitely not your average guy.  Not normal?  He’s been making the scene since the 60’s from nyc to north beach and back again.  Was a drunk a drug addict and in recovery a visiting nurse.  He doesn’t own a computer.