Patrick Allen

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Dead Angels

                                    “...And picking up angel
just arrived from the coast
who looked so fine at first
but left looking just like a ghost...”
Bob Dylan


Dead angels with singed wings
Dead angels on a pin
on the a needle

high on PCP

                                    “burn baby burn....

                                    we’re gonna burn that mother down”

Rave angels
Rave angels with pancake makeup
black lipstick

Necros Live! angels

Dead angels all dressed in black
stone angels
in graveyards
cold as white marble


Angels of the morning

                                    “Dancing, dancing, dance
                                  the night away....”


Dead angels locked in no window rooms

Shirtwaist Factory angels
Garment worker angels

Camisole wearing angels
wings on fire angels

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Angels

insane angels

“mad, bad, and dangerous to know”


Fallen from grace angels
Angels with dirty faces
with dirty minds

“Love you all night long” angels

Unwed angels

                                    “ at her breast
                                 did you think she was heaven sent?”

Dead Man’s Curve angels
Angel, Baby angels

Angels on the half-shell

Somewhere in the desert
Border angels

Desolation Angels
Avenging Angels
Exterminating Angels

The ones you see on the street
and the ones you don’t

The quick and the dead
The blessed and the cursed



Patrick Allen is an occasional poet, reviewer, prose writer. This is one of those occasions.