Issue No. 34, Spring 2022

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Artwork by Gene McCormick


Introduction to Issue 34

Sheila Ash

James Babbs

Tohm Bakelas

Joe Balaz

Stuart Bartow

Paule Bezaire

Kevin Brennan

J.J. Campbell

Michael Casey

Alan Catlin

David Chorlton

Sara Clancy

DeWitt Clinton

Susan Michele Coronel

Mickey Corrigan

Carlin Corsino

Jakima Davis

Julie Dickson

Michael Estabrook

Scott Ferry

Andy Fogle

Anthony George

Tony Gloeggler

Ashley Goff

Nathan Graziano

John Grey

Dan Grote

Tim Hunt

Andrea Janov

Michael Lee Johnson



Michael Keshigian

Judy Kronenfeld

Kyle Laws

Penelope Moffet

John Muth

Victoria Nordlund

Frederick Pollack

Cathy Porter

Charles Rammelkamp

Emalisa Rose

Charlie Rossiter

Mather Schneider

Claire Scott

Zvi A. Sesling

Jacalyn Shelley

M. E. Silverman

The Poet Spiel

D.E. Steward

Marc Swan

Gerald Wagoner

Alice G. Waldert

Richard Weaver

J.T. Whitehead

Mark Young


Books Received and Acknowledged

Taking the F Train by Linda Lerner Review

Beneath the Midi Sun Review