Dan Grote

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From 6x9


Everyone’s doing time,
Life is its own prison.
And all sin is a crime,
Everywhere are victims.
Who hasn’t crossed a line,
Tried to beat The System?
And do you hide your guilt
Behind a veil of class?
At least I’ve copped to mine.


Inmate turns to Convict,
A slow transformation
Yet one necessary
To survive all these years.
Just a bird with clipped wings,
So just accept your place
And perch inside the cage.
Sharpened beak and talons,
And so much pent-up rage.


Dan Grote is an incarcerated writer residing in the federal system.  He is the author of several holdup notes, a few signed confessions and The Sum Total of My Mistakes, a chapbook of poetry put out by between the Between Shadows Press. Please contact him via email the thedangrote@gmail.com