James Babbs

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

Too Late

before it was too late
I got in my car
drove to her house
but she wasn’t home
all of the windows were dark
so I just stood there
on the front porch
looking around
what I was going to do

Artwork by Gene McCormick

The End of the Song

it could get brighter
but tonight
the only lights I see
are the ones in the distance
winking back at me
as Nick Drake sings
the lamp in the corner
paints shadows on the walls
I pull another drink
from the bottle in my hand
while trying to figure out
the best way to let her know
exactly how I’m feeling
it’s killing me
the sudden silence
at the end of the song
the sound of nothing


James Babbs has a brush pile in his backyard that has been there all summer long because he just can’t seem to find the motivation to burn it but hopes one day it will happen.  Recent work has appeared in Abbey, Champaign News-Gazette, Modern Haiku and Presence.