Zvi Sesling

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We park in the town square across
from the bookstore where I ask
where the poetry books are

The salesgirl says Suh, we have
no poetry books our books are
all about the Civil War

There is not much to the city, a few stores,
some closed, mostly old architecture, angle
parking, not many people out on a hot day

We go to a shop where the woman behind
the counter follows us around to make sure
we do not pocket her precious $5.95 goods

A couple of doors away is Borrum’s where we sit at the
soda fountain and I sip from an old-fashioned Coca Cola
glass with old time coke syrup, seltzer, water and ice

On the way back to the car we pass the statue of Col. Rhodes
who died in the war for the Confederacy and alongside the
court house two policemen who look like linebackers

Escort two young black men in orange jumpsuits, handcuffs,
and foot shackles while an older black man says Now be good
boys and I’ll see you in a couple years

We drive off, leave Corinth behind


Zvi A. Sesling was Poet Laureate of Brookline, MA. (2017-2020). He has published numerous poems and flash fiction. He edits Muddy River Poetry Review.