Paule Bezaire

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Artwork by Gene McCormick


his skin, stretched at the clavicle
                              like the lights turn on
                            at the end of the night,

[pondering on whether this
                                    better than
                              good enough
                   as good as it gets

i wanted to be loved
                                 for fucks sake -
                like a child wants
                     to be held.

or perhaps I just didn’t want to be


Paule Bezaire (she/her) is a writer and interdisciplinary artist (MFA, Goddard College, 2003), activist and clinical social worker (MSW, Smith College School for Social Work, 2020) born in Quebec, and living [in exile] in Vermont since 2000. She is fascinated by human encounters and the raw experience of the human experience. In her spare time, Paule likes to create / play, at times solo, at times with others, via multidisciplinary media.