Mark Young

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broadens the
mind they tell
me; but as with
so many things
the words "mind"
& "travel" have
to be carefully
defined before the
statement has
veracity. Other-
wise I'd consider
it a false premise
since I've just
traveled to the local
supermarket from
where, induced by
a plethora of rude
& inconsiderate be-
havior, I have re-
turned a narrow-
minded asshole.

Meanwhile, in the Himalayas

In his first public
statement since taking
an unknown dose of
organophosphate insecticide
the King of Nepal
said that he was

struck speechless by
the notation, fingering &
keyboard diagrams under-
lying the stylistic aspects
of the artwork of
Wassily Kandinsky. How

by the removal of one
element of cDNA they
could be used as
sex-pheromone traps
to lure bloodsucking
insects to their deaths.

Fifi's Cottage

Again the catafalque party, led
by the 16 Marshmallow Soft Plush
inches of Marcellus The Cactus
Kellytoy, added to the occasion,

mounting the memorial area well
before the installation of park
furniture & trees. Life isn't what
it used to be. Nor, so it seems, is

death, even though the cosy poly-
ester fibers make it machine wash-
able & perfect for younger children
to use as a pillow or nap buddy.

life/style changes

i begin my
studies to
become a

the day
after that
i take my
finals exam

it's a series
of multiple
much easier

for the
tutors to
along the
lines of

"on what
basis do you
select the
set of scrubs
to wear?"

□ the color of your eyes
□ what makes your ass smaller
□ value for price
□ what most displays your shapely legs
□ what best shows off your tats

tick the box
all questions
are worth the same
all answers
are correct

one day for
the scores
to be collated
another for the
marks to be

a day set aside
for celebration
maybe a day to
practice by my-

self but in a
week i begin my
new career as a
brain transplant


Mark Young’s first published poetry appeared over sixty-two years ago. Much more recent work has appeared, or is to appear, in The Sparrow’s Trombone, Scud, Ygdrasil, Mobius, SurVision, NAUSEATED DRIVE, Unlikely Stories, & Word For/Word.