Julie Dickson

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Tremors    a Cadralor poem

Wind ripples water’s surface
sudden chill of goose bumps
on skin, momentary disruption abates,
returns to calm smoothness

Screech cuts through air, Great Horned
Owl with extended talons predawn,
jolted awake in furry burrows, me
from beneath comforter, then silence

Lemon drop on tongue, instant reaction,
salivation, mouth-squeezing pucker,
eyes wide with burst of flavor, sour shock
until the sugar kicks in

Abrupt, crushing chest pain,
lightning bolt shoots through shoulder,
numbs arm. Eyes close as pain subsides;
he crumples to the floor

Rising plot, wave crests toward crescendo,
creates suspense, increased heartbeat,
unexpected action, revealed mystery;
writer sets down her pen


Julie A. Dickson dabbles with Ekphrastic poems, Cadralor and mostly verse and non-traditional poetry. She shares her home with two rescued feral cats, Cam and JoJo, advocates for captive elephants and works with seniors in their homes. Her work appears in Ekphrastic Review, Sledgehammer, Blue Heron and Misfit, among other journals and in full length works on Amazon. Dickson has served on two poetry boards and as a guest editor on several publications.