Issue No. 31, Fall 2020

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

The Poetry Reading

She is their guest speaker and will drink martinis until the club runs out of gin, and then she’ll switch to vodka. Nobody will listen to her recitation, which is just as well, but her evening will be a success. She’ll leave with the man in the blue cap but dream of the woman in the green dress.

Gene McCormick


Introduction to Issue 31

A Tribute to Joan Colby

Carl Alessi

James Babbs

Rose Mary Boehm

J.J. Campbell

Alan Catlin

Sudasi J. Clement

Juliet Cook & Martin Willitts Jr.

Robert Cooperman

Mickey J. Corrigan

Ken Craft

Barbara Daniels

Jakima Davis

Milton P. Ehrlich

Scott Ferry

Stan Galloway

Tony Gloeggler

Howie Good

John Grey

Raymond P. Hammond

Max Heinegg

Ted Jonathan

Kyle Laws

Jack e Lorts

Betsy Mars

Joan Mazza

Lorrie Ness

Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

Simon Perchik

Jawanza Phoenix

Adrienne Pilon

Dan Provost

Maree Reedman

Kevin Ridgeway

Dave Roskos

Sarah Russell

Carla Sarett

Carla Schwartz

Nancy Scott

Dorsia Smith Silva

David Spicer

D.E. Steward

Robert Strickland

David J. Thompson

Bunkong Tuon

A.D. Winans

Mark Young


Books Received and Acknowledged

Charles Rossiter Review by Phyllis Klein

Jennifer Juneau Review by Charles Rammelkamp