Ayaz Daryl Nielsen

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evening path into the country

an owl hooting in a maple
apple and cherry trees in bloom
monarch butterflies on milkweed
a murmur from wild geese 
grazing on these stilled fields
the squat pines in the swamp
holding up a flock of blackbirds
a brown squirrel watches quietly
from the limb his nest rests upon
today’s journal entry written full
and sometimes my life opens 
its eyes a little bit more


ayaz daryl nielsen, veteran and former hospice nurse, lives in Longmont, Colorado, USA.  Editor of bear creek haiku (35+ years/160+ issues) with poetry published worldwide, he is online at:  bear creek haiku   poetry, poems and info. Among other deeply appreciated honors, he is especially delighted by the depth and heart of poets worldwide whose poems have a home in bear creek haiku’s print and online presence.