Dan Provost

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Biographical Film

I pick up phones and hear my history
I dream of all the calls I miss
I try to number those who love me
And find exactly what the trouble is

The Who

Is it in my Head from Quadrophenia
would be the theme song
played in my imaginary

It would be heard while the camera panned to
a shot of me
looking out the window.

Pensive, non-reactive
stare into blindness…

The film would be filled
with words dangling in and out…

Out and in—spelled correctly/incorrectly
on the giant screen…

Poems, essays, ramblings; sentiments that deal with loss,


questioning the desire to compete
in this languished, blundered society…

Justifying phrases, helping me “get out of my head…”

Blurred, in-between takes--would be
consuming walks along empty

Grisly shots of repetitive finality,
a cross of notebook jottings and a storm
raging above the waves…

A man trying to keep warm, while the
hatred of rain and wind, seething my
purpose--attempting to place my soul into a first person

Eventually, the credits would roll
thanking all my family and

Maybe even acknowledging enemies that
somehow, co-starred in
my life…

A tiny crowd would leave,
maybe wounded a bit…

Tired, looking into
their own lonesome…

Possibly mumbling a
prayer of serenity.

Perhaps, facing some sense 
of mortality…

As they shade their eyes
from sunlight,

glad the movie
is over.

Listening to Blind Faith

Can’t find my
                way home
seems appropriate.

We’ve all lost the way,
our way.
On the verge
of never
coming back.


Dan Provost’s poetry has been published throughout the small press for a number of years.  He is the author of eleven books/chapbooks including in 2020: Under the Influence of Nothingness by Kung Fu Treachery Press, Rattle of a Realizer, published by Whiskey City Press and The Curse, published by Roaring Junior Press. He is a two-time nominee for the Best of the Web and has read his works across the United States.  He lives in Berlin, New Hampshire with his wife Laura and dog Bella.