Jack e Lorts

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Ephram Pratt Exposes Himself to the Wind

Variable as an
insistence on injustice,

his voice is a
quintessence of

the sounds we hear
when the night

and day merge
into a time of nothing.

Elongate the winters,
if you can,

or if you choose not,
let nature call

the world by numbers,
singing silently

in a voice known
to divulge homage to

variant raindrops
arising when the moors

of Jupiter, supplying
window dressing to

the backyard bulges of
iridescence & nobility,

cry loudly
into a feigned Sylvan wind.

Ephram Pratt Accepts a Slow Reluctance

he pouted as his mind,

his fingers, his toes,
his elbows and

a small enigma,
he failed to understand,

swept into his

drenched in the
bloody remains

of an extended
enrichment of booty,

hanging harshly
from the outstretched hand

of a million march
realization of reluctance,

of a lingering officious
nocturnal cacophony

elbowed into silence
by the walls of

a misguided philanderer
unacceptable to futility.


Poet Jack e Lorts, has appeared widely, if infrequently over the past 50+ years in a variety of magazines (Arizona Quarterly, Kansas Quarterly, English Journal, etc.) & more recently online at Haggard and Halloo, Locust, versedaily, etc.). Author of Dear Gilbert Sorrentino & Other Poems, from Finishing Line Press & two earlier chapbooks from Pudding House, his book The Love Song of Ephram Pratt appeared in 2019 from Uttered Chaos Press.