Carla Sarett

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Call me Ishmael

Hey just kidding!  Who can read Moby Dick, way too long, that one was crying out for an editor. But love Gregory Peck as sexy Ahab and how did his wife let him get away? Right?  The wife, Ahab's, has her very own book, but skipped it because, well, depressing, no whale, either.  (I mean why?)  Anyway, whales sing all day like a swimming novel, longer than Moby Dick. Plus composing underwater, way harder than jumping ship in Polynesia. 

And when I sing for them, trust me: Melville's ghost will listen. 


Carla Sarett's recent poems appear in Prole, Halfway Down the Stairs, Third Wednesday, One Art and elsewhere; her essays have been nominated for Best American Essays and the Pushcart.  A Closet Feminist, her debut novel, will be published in 2022 (Unsolicited Press.)