Jakima Davis

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

My Grandmother's Love Letters

I hate poetry and poets
Gray haired with glasses
Blind bluesman on the corner
Moonbeams and rainbows
Breaks me down to pieces

I'm jealous of painters
Give me a photograph
Keep dancing the jitterbug
Schoolboy give me a hug
From cotton to corn

From the apple trees
To the pine trees scent
I'll cut the sugarcane
This is America
This is where I come from

Hang the Poet

Have a piece of cake
Lyrical power and play
Come never come late
A butterfly with a razorblade
These are the crazy days
Powerful machine gun hand
There's the lamb and goat
The lyrical wizard play

The smiles on the faces
Come to shake and bounce
Take the different beat
Many blows to kill a man
Girl and boy lives by the gun
A butterfly with a sword
Slices the world in half
Hate can be the recipe


Jakima Davis has been writing poetry for 20 years.  I've been published in underground publications.  Currently working on a haiku manuscript that's still in the works.  I'm posting my poems on Facebook to gain a fan base.