Issue No. 26, Spring 2019

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Artwork by Gene McCormick



Introduction to Issue 26

Alan Catlin: The Stepford Presidency

Yvonne Amey

Joe Balaz

John Bennett

J.J. Campbell

R.T. Castleberry

Joan Colby

Elisa Everts

Sarah Giragosian

Gary Glauber

Tony Gloeggler

Gene Goldfarb

Benjamin Goluboff

Michael Hammerle

John Homan

Katherine Anderson Howell

Ted Jonathan

Kyle Laws

Linda Lerner

Ben Newell


Calida Osti

Nanette Rayman

Jonathan K. Rice

Mather Schneider

Claire Scott

Lacie Semenovich

Laura Sheahen

Maureen Sherbondy

The Poet Spiel

T.K. Splake

D.E. Steward

Nathaniel Sverlow

Bunkong Tuon

Meeah Williams


Books Received and Acknowledged

Secret Formulas & Techniques of the Masters by Jackie Craven Review

A Furnace in the Shadows by Paul Pines Review