Issue No. 29, Spring 2020

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Introduction to Issue 29

Stuart Bartow

John Bennett

Laurie Blauner

Rose Mary Boehm

Charlie Brice: Guest Editorial

J.J. Campbell

Robert Casella

Alan Catlin

Mickey J. Corrigan

Steven Croft

Jakima Davis

William Doreski

Robin Wyatt Dunn

Tony Gloeggler

Howie Good

John Grey

Max Heinegg

Gil Hoy

Ted Jonathan

Mark Luebbers and Ben Goluboff

Lorette C. Luzajic


Tamara Madison

Drew Pisara

Cathy Porter

Charles Rammelkamp

Mary Rohrer-Dann

Claire Scott

Jacalyn Shelley

Jared Smith

Nick Soluri

The Poet Spiel

D.E. Steward

David J. Thompson

Bunkong Tuon

Abasiama Udom

A.D. Winans

Francine Witte

Mark Young


Books Received and Acknowledged

The Theory of Flesh by Francine Witte
Reviewed by Charles Rammelkamp

Dressed All Wrong for This by Francine Witte
Reviewed by Charles Rammelkamp


Interview with Lorette C. Luzajic by Kyle Laws, February 2020