Abasiama Udom

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Asleep Yet Awake

Willing the whiskers of your eyes
to keep from falling again,
you hold in your heart memories
of the day gone by.
Asleep yet awake, sleeping yet walking,
sounds of a thousand claps clapping
on the way to the battle ground,
asleep yet awake.

Willing the whiskers of your eyes
to stay afloat,
never have you dreamed a better dream
yet on your way, you never can feel
only the sounds you see, not hearing.
A mutilated finger,
the tears of calling clouds,
yet you dangle around the house in
pink loofahs all naked,
in the face of war you stand.
It is not the first time,
that you bang your head on the door
as warriors appear beside.
Asleep yet awake.


Abasiama Udom is a creative writer and poet. She is a part-time tutor and student with interests in matters of the afterlife, African politics, human nature and twitter.