Issue No. 13, Spring 2015

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Artwork by Gene McCormick



Editor's Introduction

Mark James Andrews

Stuart Bartow

John Bennett

Laurie Blauner

Susana H. Case

Alan Catlin

David Chorlton

Joan Colby

Robert Cooperman

Doug Draime

Kyle Laws

Charles Rammelkamp

Kevin Ridgeway

Kayla Sargeson

The Poet Spiel

Lisa St. John

D.E. Steward

Marc Swan

Allison Thorpe

A.D. Winans


Charles Rammelkamp Review of Above All Things by Gary Blankenburg

Charles Rammelkamp Review of Immigrant Model by Mihaela Moscaliuc

Dominic Scopa Review of Alchemy by John Yamrus

Dominic Scopa Review of Can't Stop Now! by John Yamrus

Dominic Scopa Review of Doing Cartwheels on Doomsday Afternoon by John Yamrus

Dominic Scopa Review of The Century of Dreaming Monsters by John Sweet

Books Received & Reviewed