Mark James Andrews

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Sloth Time

Paint brushes in the tin cup
& my poetry waiting
a double shot of nada
& me walking in place
another day of fucking the dog.
Ever heard that one?
I’m not talking about a lusty Pit Bull
mounting a German Shepherd mix bitch.
I’m talking about sloth time
sitting on my ass pondering
the hoodlum Beat poet & writer
Herbert Huncke, the Mayor of 42nd Street
addict, hustler, felon & sharp dresser
who titled his autobiography
Guilty of Everything.
Now there’s a man.


Mark James Andrews has had a full and checkered career as a gravedigger, inspector at a defunct auto plant and jail librarian. He is the author of a couple of poetry collections and his poetry and stories are out there in print and online. He is currently hawking a flash fiction collection, Compendium 20/20 (2014 Deadly Chaps) and a poetry CD, Brylcreem Sandwich (2014 with Tom Brzezina).  He continues to live and write just outside the Detroit city limits most of the time.