Kevin Ridgeway

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Her Old Boyfriend

I was jealous of his fashion model
looks and obvious ways with the
ladies that made me look like a
bumbling goon with a 28 inch waist
line who still didn't know how to find 
the clitoris, furious that this wealthy 
ex-fuck boy knew how to please her 
in ways I never could, and I pictured 
hacking off his dick as my dick flopped 
against her vagina in search of a proper 
burial where it cried wasted children until 
we just sat there, not saying a word as my 
heart pumped lava and my skin turned 
greener than the money I never brought 

Artwork by Gene McCormick

Hometown Buffet

was full of electric wheelchairs
piloted by large men and women
shoveling pounds upon pounds of
cholesterol into their mouths while
my friend Simon and I piled every fat
on the food pyramid onto our trays
for an amateur eating competition that
resulted in Simon hugging their public
toilet while I stayed behind with our
gravy strewn deep fried wreckage,
having licked my plate so clean I could
see all of my demons staring back at me. 


Kevin Ridgeway is from Southern California, where he resides with his girlfriend and their one-eyed cat.  Recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in Chiron Review, Re)verb, San Pedro River Review, LUMMOX, Right Hand Pointing and The Mas Tequila Review.  His latest chapbook, On the Burning Shore, is now available from Arroyo Seco Press.