D.E. Steward

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Sailing to Santa Barbara

This is no country for young menArtwork by Gene McCormick
The old in one another’s schemes
Of profit-crowded moneycraft
Exploitation of simplistic truths
Reagan era tolerance of dicey things
As eagerly ready to send Marines
As posting plaintive platitudes
Destruction of less pliant corners
Of the world that don’t conform
Our jingoistic pushiness and pride
In flag and patria ensure neglect
Years of fast-aging anti-intellect 


Small World CoffeeArtwork by Gene McCormick

Anne Hathaway type with intense new guy
In love with her on her right a narcissistic
Guy she’s in love with and on his right
A vulpine dude who’s in love with him
Wei-min says you have to come in here
At about three-thirty to see the stars
It’s only eleven in the morning now



D. E. Steward has been a small press writer since he started publishing in the Sixties. His main work in progress is a month-to-month continuous cycle begun in 1986.