Doug Draime

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Doctor’s Appointment

When my friend
the doctor came
into the room,
I was sitting there
reading a copy
of Time magazine.

And as I stood up
to shake hands,
he noticed my t-shirt,
which had a black
& white baroque design
depicting people
eating other people,
with words in bold above
the design: EAT THE RICH.

“What a beautiful, intriguing t- shirt”,
he said smiling, but as he stepped
back to take in the whole effect,
he frowned, and muttered
something under his breath about
people eating people
not being very realistic.

I think he took my t-shirt personally.          


Doug Draime’s most recent book is More Than The Alley, a selected collection out from Interior Noise Press in 2012. He emerged as a presence in the literary‘underground’ in Los Angeles in the late 1960’s. Currently living in Oregon.