Issue No. 33, Fall 2021

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Artwork by Gene McCormick


Introduction to Issue 33

A Splake Compendium

C.D. Bailey

Tohm Bakelas

Ruth Bavetta

Joan Albin Beauprez

Laurie Blauner

Lisa Creech Bledsoe

Rose Mary Boehm

David Boski

Nathaniel Calhoun

Ranney Campbell

Sophia Cannizzarro

Susana H. Case

David Chorlton

G. Conroy

Juliet Cook and Darryl Shupe

Mickey J. Corrigan

Donna Dallas

Jakima Davis

Francine Farina

Scott Ferry

Ayomide Festus

George Freek

David Giannini

Tony Gloeggler

Benjamin Goluboff

Howie Good

John Grey

Dan Grote


Curtis Hayes

Max Heinegg

Tim Hunt

D.R. James

Susan Carroll Jewell

Walt McLaughlin

Leah Mueller

Gary Metras

Lorrie Ness

Cathy Porter

Dan Provost

Wendy Rainey

Cheryl A. Rice

Kevin Ridgeway

Mather Schneider

Claire Scott


The Poet Spiel

D.E. Steward

Marc Swan

John Sweet

Francine Witte

Mark Young


Books Received and Acknowledged

Hikikomori Review

Misanthropes Rarely Procreate Review