Scott Ferry

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shame dream 2

why are these people in my bedroom
and when did i get a waterbed?
a neck-whistled gym teacher shouts line up
my sixth grade crush spins in chemin de fer jeans
my college roommate reads and never breathes
a blueskinned man vomits as i pull him out of the ocean
a sasquatch strings a violin and holds a poodle
my wife shoots her how dare you look from the hall
1974-era children climb the purple shoe
two dead friends young skin young skin
a jar of pickles open in my lap cold vinegar
my daughter repeats dad you spilled
dad you spilled my notebook wet
my pants soaked my son screams
because of the acid in his eyes he rubs them
with inky hands he rips the pages i had written
i had written our passwords our futures
my father laughs near the ceiling
my mother not yet gone but already gone
weeps on the couch with a warm budweiser
and a red haired boy next to her draws
a door another door any


Scott Ferry helps our Veterans heal as a RN in the Seattle area. His most recent book, These Hands of Myrrh, is now available from Kelsay books. You can find more @