Issue No. 28, Fall 2019

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Artwork by Gene McCormick


Introduction to Issue 28

Ruth Bavetta

John Bennett

Mark Blickley

David Boski

J.J. Campbell

Ranney Campbell

R.T. Castleberry

Alan Catlin: An Essay

Joan Colby

Juliet Cook & jj hastain

Robert Cooperman

Jakima Davis

Holly Day

Mary Ann Dimand

Tony Gloeggler

Brian Harman

Hayley Mitchell Haugen

Jack Henry

Stephanie Hiteshew

Ted Jonathan

Kyle Laws

James Lineberger

Marjorie Maddox

DS Maolalai

Drew Pisarra

Charles Rammelkamp

Brian Rihlmann

Kevin Ridgeway

Dave Roskos

Kayla Sargeson

Jared Smith

The Poet Spiel

Martin Stannard

D.E. Steward

David J. Thompson

Barbara Ungar

Jeffrey Zable


Books Received and Acknowledged

Michael Hathaway book reviews

Nancy Scott book review