Issue No. 17, Spring 2016

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

The Misfits' Night Out


Introduction to Issue 17


Sudeep Adhikari

James Babbs

John Bennett

Rose Mary Boehm

Janet Buck

Zann Carter

Alan Catlin: An Essay

Joan Colby

Robert Cooperman

Steven Deutsch

Mike Faran

Michael A. Flanagan

Tony Gloeggler

William Godbey

John Grochalski

Max Heinegg

Richard D. Houff

Rich Ives

Mike James

Andrea Janov

Raymond Keen

John P. Kristofco

Ben Newell





Charles Rammelkamp

Cheryl A. Rice

D. E. Steward

Marc Swan

John Sweet

David J. Thompson

Bunkong Tuon

A.D. Winans: An Essay

Art Work:

Yael Maimon

Tom Taylor


Charles Rammelkamp Review of This Angel on My Chest by Leslie Pietrzyk

Charles Rammelkamp Review of Where We Grew Up by Jennifer Lagier

Jennifer Lagier Review of Scribblings of a Madman by Paul Tristram

Books Received and Acknowledged