William Godbey

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The Gardener’s Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to Tending to Your Vegetable
By Nurse Ratched

Placement: When planting your vegetable, find a cool, dry location,
plenty of sun,
perhaps even a window with a view!

Feeding: Once settled in, make sure your vegetable will receive timely care
A steady flow of water and nutrients to
keep your vegetable healthy and in good shape!

Hygiene: As your vegetable continues to grow, be sure to trim any sprouting hairs
Along with any unsightly blemishes
A clean vegetable is a happy one!

Pest Control: Occasionally, you may have to deal with uninvited guests
that may attempt to irritate your vegetable
Making sure all windows and doors are closed should help prevent this!

Rotation: It is essential for you to rotate your vegetable to avoid
and other infections that may impact the health of your vegetable!

Interact: Although optional, you may choose to talk to your vegetable
or play music
some believe that your vegetable may be able to hear you!

By following these instructions, your vegetable will remain alive for as long as you wish!


William Godbey was born in San Rafael, CA. His interest in writing, music, and dance led to him attend school at California State University Long Beach where he is currently pursuing a degree in English Education.