Issue No. 32, Spring 2021

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

She would prefer a personal letter of thoughts and happenings directed solely to her, but a book is passable as a suitable diversion and her choice of what book to read diverts control
from the sender to the recipient. -- Gene McCormick


Introduction to Issue 32

Guest Editorial/Commentary by D.E. Steward

Editor's Note: Memorial for Ted Jonathan

Alan Catlin: An Essay

James Babbs

Tohm Bakelas

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Rose Mary Boehm

Ron Bremner

JJ Campbell

Sarah Carleton

Ken Cathers

Sara Clancy

Juliet Cook

Mickey J. Corrigan

Jakima Davis

Holly Day

Julie Dickson

Scott Ferry

David Giannini

Tony Gloeggler

Maximilian Heinegg

Dennis Hinrichsen

Nancy Byrne Iannucci

Jennifer Judge

Howard Kogan

Florence Ladd

Kyle Laws

Linda Lerner

Michelle Lerner

Linda Lowe

Christian Hanz Lozada

Kim Malinowski

Michael Mark

Gary Metras

John David Muth

Karen Neuberg

Bruce Pemberton

Robert Perchan

Debbie Peters

Frederick Pollack

Cathy Porter

Charles Rammelkamp

Kevin Ridgeway

Ron Riekki

Brian Rihlmann

Emalisa Rose

Diana Rosen

Ashley Schilling

Troy Schoultz

Claire Scott

Paul Sohar

The Poet Spiel

Lanette Sweeney

Grant Tarbard

Samantha Terrell

Jon Wesick

Kelley Jean White

J.T. Whitehead

Francine Witte

Mark Young



Books Received and Acknowledged

Ash Wedding by Clarinda Harriss/Peter Bruun

A Little Excitement by Nancy Scott