Issue No. 16, Fall 2015

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

The 26th Class Reunion in the high school gymnasium. Left to right: 1. Class slut: "Most Popular." 2. Valedictorian: still single. 3. Class clown, but who's laughing now? 4. Thespian Society Sergeant-at-Arms (unemployed). 5. Poetry Club President: widowed three times. 6. Prom Queen: "Most likely to..." And did. 7. Football hero: sells used cars.


Editor's Introduction

John Bennett

J.J. Campbell

Alan Catlin

David Chorlton

Joan Colby

DB Cox

Karen Fabiane

Mike Faran

Yoni Freund

C.S. Fuqua

Tony Gloeggler

Victor Henry

Ted Jonathan

Raymond Keen

Maureen Kingston

Linda Lerner

Emily Linstrom

Clint Margave

Michael Mark

Tom Montag

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Will Nixon

Jimmy Pappas

Domenic Scopa

The Poet Spiel

D.E. Steward

David J. Thompson

Allison Thorpe

Paul Tristram

Kelley White


Charles Rammelkamp Review of Expecting Songbirds by Joe Benevento

Domenic Scopa's Review of Jim's Book by James Reidel

Domenic Scopa's Review of The Pilot House by David Rigsbee

Domenic Scopa's Review of The New Sorrow is Less Than the Old Sorrow by Jenny Drai

Domenic Scopa's Review of Pilgrim’s: A Love Story by T.J. Beitelman

Domenic Scopa's Review of QA by Sarah Xerta and Elizabeth Schmuhl

Bunkong Tuon Review of Tony Come Back August by Tony Gloeggler with photographs
by Marco North

Books Received & Reviewed