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Alan Catlin:

The Graveyard

Work published by Dead Snakes

Albany Poets

HEArt Online

Go Eat Your Lunch: The Abbey

2012 Albany Word Fest: Alan Catlin

Albany Poets Present Alan Catlin: Dec. 16, 2015

American Odyssey published by FutureCycle Press

Back titles are available directly from the author,

Jennifer Lagier:


Online poems

Wikipedia Biography

Books available from Amazon

Work published by Dead Snakes

Reading at Bird & Beckett Books in San Francisco, 2013

Books published by FutureCycle Press

Gene McCormick:

Gene McCormick's signed books are available directly from the author, who can be contacted at or by post at PO Box 51, Wayne, IL  60184. Available titles include the poetry/flash fiction collections Big City Nighttime Stories (Middle Island Press), Edward & Antoinette (RWG Press); An Ice Axe At Dusk (March Street Press); Livin' The Blues At Cranky Jack's Bar & Grill (Bone World Press); Tanya, Queen Of The Greasy Spoon (Outskirts Press);  Naked Skeletons (Pudding House)and Rain On The Sun (Outskirts Press). Price for each book is $15, which includes shipping and postage.

Work published by Dead Snakes

Big City Nighttime Stories

Gene's web site