Dawn Cunningham

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“Painting your soul on my fading screams”
                         Vincent Luebke

i carry those paintings in my eyes:Artwork by Gene McCormick
				one of you
to get out of bed
	as we loudly remind you
	“your legs don’t work,”


you scream, “get out of my way,” “NOOOO” and
growl (that deep guttural growl when frustration has taken you
and, i realize you are still in there)
the determination, the anger, getting past
					those damaged synopsis.

behind my eyes,			i scream
						for you
to be


to be


to be

the Father to Chloe,

to be free from this ugly
disease,			to return
				to the time
					     before the stroke
					     before the tumor;

behind closed eyes						i scream,

“where is my Vincent,”
as your fight subsides to “oh,”
and a sigh with a hidden cry,
while i cover my open mouth as i turn my back:

your soul becoming my silent scream.

I’m a young woman at heart going through a severe life change since 2010: divorce, adult child’s cancer, engagement, and moving away from my hometown for the first time—the creation is the real me, Dawn Cunningham, finally in the raw, the real, knowing that I exist.