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frank zappa would uv like my story

maybe i wouldn uv turn out so bad like i am if it hadn a been for that dirtymouth frank zapparoni before when i’d uv prayed to be a cathlic priest cuz of how i had hairs on my young chik lip but frank’d pointed out that’s the way cathlic girls were sposed to be an it’d make me into a good crew slut so he told me go to the rectry basement an i should get on my knees like all the other hairy girls to see how hairs made my lips a more softer cocksucker.

i wouldn uv got on my knees before for nobody cept the pope or maybe Artwork by Gene McCormickelvis presley but probly not elvis presley cept for frank zapparoni an his music gene lick. an also for some a the greatest music players ever lining up in a line for a lick an a panty sniff to see if they could make their musical macaroni instruments sing in the same place where frank zapparoni’s lick was right before they lined up for some action. i always called him zapparoni an told him his bony was like a macaroni an he told me i had a good cheese sleaze pussy for it. it was so beautiful it made me cry. i think i smell his cheese stinking right now. it’s my hobby thinking bout it. he like me to wear my little white dress with the lace collar like a baptistic. frank once boughten me a vanilla milkshake at tiny naylor’s restraunt in hollywood. he laughed about my lip when i got creamy white cheese milk stuff stuck in my catholic girl lip hair an he said the creamy white stuff might be v.d. ha ha. i wouldn uv did it cept for frank’s dirtymouth.

i wasn spose to uv turn out like this an what came out uv his mouth an went into his mouth is worse than what you would uv think for such a big music genes. frank zapparoni is, i mean he was, a lot smarter than any uv you guys an he would uv like this story bout how i wouldn uv got my t-shirt wet cept frank an his boys wet on it for me cuz uv how it made my tittys look big an hard like frank’s macaroni. he had to use it on a lot uv hairy catholic girls so they’d go out back an get on their catholic knees cuz uv he was a great dirtymouth star. i wouldn uv told this story right now cept for how it’s my hobby to tell it around town an how it makes my tittys feel an they are hard an it has been, i don’t know how many years back, an frank zapparoni is dead cuz i guess he wouldn uv let his real doctor feel up his prosture-ate an it had cancer. he should’ve let him feel it. it’s so sad.

one time in 1972, just thinking about him, i called the phone number he gave out on that one record uv his cuz it was so inspirationary how his music genius lick was an his dirtymouth talk an my tittys got so hot. a nice lady, probly it was his mother or something, was very nice an she goes no frank isn’t here and i don’t know when he might be here. i guess he was out fucking other hairy catholic girls or getting his music genes licks an giving free tickets for going all the way. i think i used to be the only one that wore a little white dress. i guess i couldn uv turn out very good cuz uv how frank zapparoni was with me an now i’m a old hairy catholic girl womans an pretty soon when i conk, i’ll probly meet him wherever dirtymouth music genes guys go when they are dead an there will be a lot uv old girls like me on their old sore catholic knees with arthuritis. i’ll be so happy to see zapparoni an his old dead macaroni an all them other girl womans that went all the way but my life wouldn uv have to turn out so bad like the way it did. maybe you might uv seen how old hairy old catholic girls look when they get old in the rectry basement uv dirty old industry towns.

it is so sad. i am so sad.                                                      


A poem, similar to frank zappa would uv like my story, was first published by Alphabeat when writer/artist, The Poet Spiel-Tom Taylor revisited his hollywood hippie days during the 60s to imagine what might've happened to all those in-heat groupies, who hung like fleas on a dog's butt, to any rock musician they could snag.

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