Doug Draime

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 Blank Pages

I fill blank pages with life and rage

and loveArtwork by Gene McCormick

from inner and outer experience

I do this from under

the so-called  “underground”: I am

an enemy of the state

dissident seeker of all truth

rebel to the ultimate degree

retired from numerous  and

various pointless employment’s

and servitude's

Husband  father  grandfather

eternal child of a

living God

and bastard stepchild of

this ancient wayward universe

On these once blank  pages

are not  “poems”

but blood, bones, agony, laughter

and my liberated



Port In A Paper Bag

“Nothing is louderArtwork by Gene McCormick
than the voices
in my head,
especially when
I don’t drink.
So, I keep drinkin’
to not hear them
fucking voices.”


Doug Draime’s most recent book is More Than The Alley, a selected collection out from Interior Noise Press in 2012. He emerged as a presence in the literary‘underground’ in Los Angeles in the late 1960’s. Currently living in Oregon.