Ted Jonathan

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Getting Some

Thirteen, hair & drawl Artwork by Gene McCormick
like Elvis, his own
back-boned swagger,
he lands on my block
all the way from Texas.
Within 6 months he makes
out with half the girls in
the neighborhood. Some
a year older than us.
He's asked to play bass
in a local rock band.
Doesn't even plug in.
Why his family moved to--
of all places--the Bronx?
Might have to do with why
he's placed straight into
our grade's class for psychos.
Having never really made
out with a girl on my own,
I'm drawn to the guy. He joins
our crowd. I call for him.

His 12-year-old sister lets
me in. She looks like him,
and although it somehow
comes together better on
her brother, there's nothing
I don't like about her. Kisses
my mouth. Shocks me.
Waves me on to follow--
into her room. His sister.
You don't go for a friend's
sister. I stay put in the hall.
He steps out of her room
carrying a girl bride-style.
Both rumpled, but clothed.
Her ass is a nectarine. "She's
a whore," he says. Nods
at me, "Come get some."
"I'm a whore," says the girl,
boldly. His sister yells,
"If my brother & his friend
wanna rape you let 'em."


Ted Jonathan is a poet and short story writer. Born and raised in the Bronx, he now lives in New Jersey. His work has appeared in many magazines. Translations of his poetry have appeared in Russian magazines. His first collection Spiked Libido was published by Neukeia Press. Bones & Jokes, his most recent full-length collection of poems and short stories, has been published by NYQ Books (2009).