Mark Young

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Indentured autodidacts

She does not write about what she
does within a fractious world with a
growing potential for conflict. Bodily
autonomy is always a complex issue
for any aspiring writer who, in a kind
of morbid squirm, describes themselves

as being of an indeterminate class lost
somewhere inside a ragged construct
of fragile environments. The woeful
uncertainty of her life needs a platform
where playful public appearances are
par for the course. Instead, as negoti-

ations for who alone will be the one to
return the dead to life enter their final
stages, she finds herself in a room in
the house of a Boston candlemaker with
no instructions on how to activate the
myriad sconces that decorate its walls.


Adipose interventions

Cellular senescence & the
impact of energy expenditure
can often be observed walking
hand in hand down the main
street of any circus town.

They're dressed in clown suits,
inhabit a liminal space between
the fantastic & the mundane
which they enter after the lions
but before the elephants. Some

passers-by say they fit well to-
gether; others that they look as
if they feed on one another. A
greater lifespan is often associ-
ated with a confounding effect.



She's unlocked the center of
gravity cheat in order to deal
with the powerlimits found in
the early stages of any affordable
housing model. It demonstrates
a new approach to building pro-
curement. Now she's set out to
decarbonize all of its built assets
including a bookshelf that holds
some reading material & multi-
wear accessories, but is mainly
lined with jars full of the yellow-
orange flesh of persimmons. Is
she acting differently to her usual
daily routine? Hard to tell when
she refuses to unlock the door.



Mark Young was born in Aotearoa / New Zealand but now lives in a small town in North Queensland in Australia. His most recent book is XXXX CENTONES, available as a free pdf download from sandy press —