Ranney Campbell

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it was the McDonald’s on Dorsett

                                                         in my dream, the one where you were drooling all over the 16-year-old girl behind the counter groaning that reverb for her and then pawing at the two skinny sick hustler boy addicts all itchy and scabby and needled-tracked mouths all over one another your hands grabbing who backed and then flattened into the wall and turned into posters and looked at me with black eyes and I turned to Eric Bogosian waiting at the table for you and he said, “that’s who he is,” after you left the poster boys and went to the head without even missing them and that is the same place two men pushed me onto my ass when I was 15 after I reached in and dragged a woman from her car out of the flames once it was safe enough for them to take credit for it



Ranney Campbell is the author of chapbooks, Pimp, (Arroyo Seco Press) and the desert so, (Bottlecap Press). Other of her creative work has appeared in Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Third Wednesday, Shark Reef, ONE ART, Eastern Iowa Review, Storm Cellar, Reed Magazine and elsewhere.