Ken Poyner

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Fifth Grade Conditioning

We were in gym class
Learning why none of us
Would ever be professional
Volleyball players, when it was
Passed around that Natalie
Had lost her virginity.
We offered to form
A party to look for it,
And got detention after class.
It was there we learned
What was really meant by
The expression, and were told
Twelve-year-olds should never
Play with seventeen-year-olds.
Natalie should have known better.
Play with children much older
Than you, and you never know
What commodity you might lose.
Surely, Natalie will get punished.
Tomorrow, gym class is tether-ball.


Ken Poyner has been publishing for 48 years, married for 45 years, retired for seven years.  He writes to defeat the numbers.  Find his eight available books at or any number of on-line book vendors.