Jakima Davis

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Deadly Combination

Real revolutionaries get down
On the floor, on the floor
I wear my cape like a superhero
Flying in the sky
Seen in a positive light
I'm not fake in Los Angeles
Fame the beautiful nightmare
I know better than I used to
Last of the hometown heroes
Ask me who's in my top five
Is it Tupac Shakur?
Or is it, Kurt Cobain?

My childhood dream consisted of
Being a diving duck in a
Ten cent whiskey well
Keep my hands on the wheel
I too can be the mother
Of the movement like Rosa Parks
I'm not a Martian but
I surf on a spaceship
Memphis here I come
Anybody can play guitar
The enemy in a nice bow tie
Lay your head on me


Jakima Davis has been published in underground publications such as, The PEN, Street Value, Big Hammer, Marymark Press, amongst others.  I have had three chapbooks published; one in 2016 and two in early 2021.  Still working on that haiku manuscript.  I'm still posting my poetry on Facebook to gain a fanbase.