John D. Robinson

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Still Water

I saw him sat on a park-
bench over-looking a
lake; it was 10am, he wasArtwork by Gene McCormick
drinking vodka and
gazing across the
still water; I moved by
quickly, quietly, making
sure he didn’t see me;
he’s my oldest and
dearest friend, peaceful
and gifted, sat silently
killing himself in the
sunshine, but he’d tell
you that life is beautiful
and that we are in
samsara and there is
nothing to worry about;
when you’re drunk
by mid-day, there
isn’t anything to worry
about and life can be
beautiful until you
have to do it again
the next day.

Lit Combat

Usually, there are 8 or 9
of us and we, each in turn,
read some poems, mostly
our own efforts and the
listeners offer up
comments, high-lighting
strengths and
weaknesses, how the
work made them feel’
‘Are there many
fist-fights?’ I asked;
‘No, no, no, we’re all
very civilized’ he replied;
‘Oh, I see’ I said
losing interest instantly.


John D. Robinson is a UK poet: hundreds of his poems have appeared in the small press and online literary journals: his latest publications are The Pursuit Of Shadows (Analog Submission Press (UK) 2018), Hitting Home (Iron Lung Press (USA) 2018), Echoes Of Diablo (Concrete Meat Press (UK) August 2018).