Heikki Huotari

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Accessing Ambiguity

Take the hands for granted, take the lead. What else do

athletes need? If birds are dinosaurs then why not heads of hair?

Nor cautionary nor prescriptive, there's no narrative that won't

accommodate a bobblehead, so if you come back come back shell-

shock, jello, trembling mass of plasma, come back clean.

As one of two policemen aims a radar gun at you,

pedestrian, and laughs, so with your hands up you say, Sorry

officer, speedometer is broken. As there may be resonance, the

stride is better broken than the bridge. Ben Franklin lied about the

kite and did not die and you can not die too – accessing ambiguity

you'll walk away with an advantage.


Heikki Huotari is a retired math professor, a recent recipient of the Gambling The Aisle poetry chapbook prize and his first collection, Fractal Idyll, appeared in early 2018.