Jennifer Davis

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Artwork by Gene McCormick

Glassy Blue Tiles

I got up from dinner at a
restaurant to go to the
While I was in the bathroom
sitting on the toilet I
noticed the glassy blue
      LICK THEM!
came into my mind.
Gym shoe commercials started
appearing in my head
      JUST DO IT!
So I did.
I found out that the glassy
blue tiles tasted like glassy
blue tiles


Jennifer Davis holds a MA in writing from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois.  She is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Lever Interactive, a digital marketing agency in Lisle, Illinois.  Her and her husband, Chris, are owned by two bulldogs, Hugo and Petunia.  Jennifer loves to knit, crochet and other crafts and is an amateur genealogist and has traced her maternal grandfather’s family back to the 1680s from Schwichtenberg, Germany.