Andrew Darlington

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Katya From the Ukraine

I got this email,
sexy Ukrainian Girls
want to meet me,
life is short, it says,
find love now,
it’s wonderful how
love reaches out across
international borders
to achieve consummation,
click on the link, for a fee,
and there are photos,
Katya is blonde,
she smiles nicely and
has such a lovely cleavage,
she wants to meet me,
all I must do is
send her travel costs,
she told me in the email
& life is too short to wait

Andrew Darlington likes the Greek islands, the Electric Prunes, ‘Bladerunner’, Daffy Duck, vegetarian pasta with chilli sauce, the Ramones, ‘The 2000AD Megazine’, Budweiser, second-hand bookshops, Soft-Mints and ‘Jet-Ace Logan’... there’s a new fiction collection A Saucerful of Secrets, now available from Parallel Universe Publ., and poetry collection The Poet’s Deliberation on the State of the Nation (Penniless Press