J.J. Campbell

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a bitter old soul

one of these days
i won’t have the
strength to laugh
at the pain

i’m sure i should
settle down and
enjoy what i have

but i prefer to race
to the end, mostly
just to get the
fucking thing
over with

sometimes you
live long enough
to know not
everyone is
equipped to live
a long life and
actually enjoy

there’s a certain
grace in being a
bitter old soul

it’s just harder
to find

that’s where the
alcohol comes in

what about me

the years haven’tArtwork by Gene McCormick
been very kind to

in my mind, i’m
still the white
guy on the black
basketball team
draining shots
from all over
the court

In reality, these
old knees can
barely take

i look in the
mirror and each
scar screams out,
what about me

sometimes the
best i can think
of the future is
at least i might
get to die indoors

under forgiving stars

i want to say Artwork by Gene McCormick
hello to the
most beautiful
woman in the
world and not
be ignored

i want to dance
naked under
forgiving stars
and everyone
will understand

i want to hold
you in my arms
and melt into
the universe

open the door
and walk inside

the unknown is
as scary as you
want it to be

J.J. Campbell has given up the farm life and is now trapped in suburbia. He's been widely published over the years, much to the dismay of others. You can find him most days on his highly entertaining blog, evil delights. (http://evildelights.blogspot.com)