Ted Jonathan

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Nobody’s Son

Down and out, I was done keeping up Artwork by Gene McCormick
with upkeep costs, so when my car got
stuck mid-street in a snowbank, it was
good riddance. Walk away, don’t look
back. Deal with fallout if it falls out.

A car then pulled over, a man stepped
out. I’d seen him before, a middle-aged
black man wearing a red & black plaid
hunting jacket and cap. He scowled at me,
then went to his trunk. Took out a chain,
hooked our cars up. The kind of man who
took an angry pride in doing things right.

Looking into his eyes, I nodded thanks.
“Would you do the same for my son?”
He asked. But wanted no reply, and drove
off. Best lesson I ever learned on race.
But I wasn’t the kind to help anyone. He
was somebody’s father, I was nobody’s son.


Ted Jonathan is a poet and short story writer. Born and raised in the Bronx, he currently lives in New Jersey. His work has appeared in many journals, and he’s real pleased to make another appearance in Misfit Magazine. His collection of poems and short stories Bones & Jokes was published by NYQ Books (2009). His poetry collection Run was published by NYQ Books (2016).