Mike Jurkovic

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Bio Hazard

If I manage Artwork by Gene McCormick
to get off this train
without diphtheria,
or consumption,
or some bio hazard
eating my innards
I’ll recall this day fondly.

All on board coughing,
sneezing, hacking up
some germ from deep inside.
Some viral intruder
attaching itself
to my cold dime and dollar.

Raising a family on my liver.
Riding my tri-glycerides.
Slowly making its way
to my brain
and the net of nerves
that wraps my fingers
around my pen.

If it really takes root,
God knows.
I might write weirder than this.
A lyrical fist-fight of
fraught and humor.

If I get off this train
with any pulse at all
I’ll stop by church tomorrow
kneel in supplication.
Pray for those
sicker than I
who are only trying
to get home.


Mike Jurkovic’s first chapbook, Purgatory Road, ¬†was published by Pudding House Press, 2010, He has earned four hundred national & international ¬†publishing credits Since 2003, he has served as co-director of Calling All Poets in Beacon, NY. Mike is the producer of CAPSCAST,live readings from the Calling All Poets Series, available on itunes. http://www.mikejurkovic.com launches March 2013